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The Startup Hub’s economic impact


  • Jobs created: 1,012
  • Total payroll: $48.5 million
  • Revenue: $205 million
  • Economic impact: —
  • Estimated spending: $78.6 million
  • Est. county sales tax and other tax: $4.3 million
  • Est. county property tax (homes): $1.5 million
  • County property tax (business) $299,794

The Startup Hub is both a physical space and the virtual front door to the Greater Green Bay entrepreneurial ecosystem. What that means: Whether you need help transforming an idea into a viable business or looking to grow an existing business, we are the one-stop shop. Success starts here!

The Startup Hub was founded in 1987 as a business incubator, with beginnings as bootstrapped and entrepreneurial as its first clients at its Potts Avenue, Green Bay location. It moved to its current 50,000 square-foot facility on the edge of the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College campus in 2005. Over the years, the Startup Hub been known as the incubator, the Business Assistance Center and the Advance Business & Manufacturing Center at different times. It adopted the name of the Startup Hub in early 2019.

Today, the Startup Hub remains true to its roots as an incubator but it’s far more than that. We listen to your unique business needs and point you in the right direction. That may result in using our collaborative facility’s incubator program, onsite programming or business partners. It may result in us connecting you to another entrepreneurial resource in the community. That’s because we’re well connected to all the resources for startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs and business development in Greater Green Bay. We are Greater Green Bay’s entrepreneur center.

No matter what your business need, success starts here, at the Startup Hub.

*Based on a survey of 28 of the 268 total graduates of the Startup Hub surveyed.



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