Tundra Angels

We deliver capital, connections and customers to early-stage startups

On the journey of entrepreneurship, startup founders often struggle to make progress. Whether it’s an idea-stage company or a company with active customers, each founder has a definition of what “progress” means to them. In this journey, they fight headwinds to overcome barriers or to resolve questions. They often waste time, mental energy and often money. This often makes founders feel defeated, confused and like no one understands. 

We understand – because we’ve felt defeated, too. Despite the headwinds, we’ve built and scaled successful companies. It can be done, and we can help you do it, too. 

Tundra Angels is an angel investor group that is in the business of delivering hope to entrepreneurs. We do this by delivering capital, connections and customers to early-stage companies so founders can reach the next milestone without wasting precious time. 

We deliver 

  • Capital
    We invest money in early-stage, high-growth potential companies at the pre-seed or seed stage. 
  • Connections
    We make strategic connections from our networks – technical co-founder, advisor, subject matter expert, etc. – to force multiply startup progress and get to market more quickly.  
  • Customers
    The best type of funding is customer revenue. For companies that Tundra Angels decides to partner with, we identify strategic customers and make appropriate introductions.  

Tundra Angels is an offering of the Startup Hub, powered by the Greater Green Bay Chamber. Tundra Angels is an outflow of the Greater Green Bay Economic Development Strategic Plan.

This is bigger than any one of us. It’s bigger than Tundra Angels, and it’s even bigger than the Greater Green Bay Chamber. It’s about making Greater Green Bay, the region, and Wisconsin an attractive place for startups and talent – to ensure that great people and great ideas stay here and build world-class businesses.

Connect with Tundra Angels – email [email protected]

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