We deliver hope to founders by delivering capital, connections and customers to your business

What Tundra Angels looks for:


We look for founders who inspire us to believe in impossible ideas. We invest in people just as much as companies.  


We are agnostic to company industry yet have some areas that represent a sweet spot based on member experience. The investable geography is primarily Greater Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin but we are open to deals from around Wisconsin. 


We target companies with high-growth potential that ideally have a validated idea that is pre-revenue to a post-revenue startup with an early level of market success and customer adoption. We engage with startups seeking funding from $100,000 to $1 million. Initially, Tundra Angels’ average investment size is between $50,000 to $100,000. 

Our promise to you  

  • We will use your time wisely
    Entrepreneurs pour their heart and soul, and often years of time, into their businesses. There is nothing worse that putting your soul into a pitch deck or application and getting nothing in response. Thus, we will do our very best to honor your commitment and take some time to give feedback.
  • We will keep you updated
    We have a time-based process to ensure that your application or pitch gets responded to in a timely manner with a timeline of next steps with specific deadlines. 
  • We will help you get on the right path
    Some companies are not a fit for angel investment. If we do not believe that Tundra Angels or angel investment in general would be the best fit for your specific company, we will do our best to connect you with the right resources so that you can reach the next milestone without wasting precious time.

Click the link above to pitch your idea/startup and attach any relevant materials, if needed.

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