For Investors

We deliver a conduit of new opportunities to investors

What you get as a Tundra Angel:  

An ever-increasing personal network

Connect with other Tundra Angel members who are successful founders and entrepreneurs across the community and region. Engage with a continual flow of innovative founders and talent with fresh, ground-breaking ideas.

Opportunity for investment returns

Tundra Angel members will receive deal flow of attractive startup investments. In the “Returns of Angel Investors in Groups” study, the average angel investor obtained approximately 2.6 times the investment in 3.5 years – a 27% internal rate of return.

Influence the next generation
Membership in Tundra Angels is something bigger than any one of us. Recent research shows that tech startups are drawn to cities with small but frequent funding opportunities. As a Tundra Angel, you play a role in helping Greater Green Bay and the region thrive for the next generation.

In Tundra Angels, investors make their own investment decisions and perform their own due diligence. The manager’s role is to filter and present the deal opportunities he believes are the best fit for the group and the members’ experiences. There are no final decisions made at the pitch meeting; rather investment decisions are made over the course of the following weeks through due diligence conversations with the founders. Post-investment, Tundra Angels will continue to be involved providing connections and customers to the portfolio company. 




  • Younger generation of investor (average member age range is between 30s-40s)
  • Founder/entrepreneur experience

Interested individuals complete an application and prospective Tundra Angel investors are vetted through a peer-review process.

Annual Tundra Angel membership dues for 2020 are $1,800 (non-refundable)


  • Attend quarterly meetings (Green Bay, Wis.)
  • Actively participate in deal screenings, evaluations, coaching, etc.
  • Plan to invest $25K/year
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